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Using more than 40 years of experience, knowledge and innovation we have developed ZEETUG® for a greener future!

ZEETUG30 is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 210 tons and NOX emissions by 9 tons a year. This value in emission reduction is equivalent to saving about 580 trees according to carbon meter calculations!

All electric and rechargeable battery-powered ZEETUG can be custom-built for any kind of operation needs from 5T BT up to 75T BP


For tugboats with very high requirements in terms of speed and performance or a widely varying demand for power, Zeetug full electric propulsion system is capable to deliver the high-power output.

The full electric propulsion system offers the flexibility of being able to maneuver very precisely, and a powerful bollard pull! Meantime, compared to diesel tugs, Zeetug responds to commands much faster!


Smart Tug Energy Management System (STEMS) is designed by NAVTEK with the objective of optimizing the electric power consumption of the electric tug and extending its driving range. STEMS always in charge to manage the fleet of ZEETUGs.


Zeetug is a more efficient technology comparing to the combustion engines. During the combustion, only 30% of the energy is generated to mechanical power, while the significant portion of the energy is wasted to the environment as a heat... This amount is 80% with Zeetug. An electric motor also has more torque starting up and high-power output than an internal combustion engine.


ZEETUG30 is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 210 tons and NOX emissions by 9 tons a year. This value in emission reduction is equivalent to saving about 580 trees according to carbon meter calculations!


The batteries located in the fore and aft battery room keeps a constant temperature through a cooling system. This cooling system provides an optimum temperature for the battery safety conditions. Another feature: ISU is designed to not starting up before the charging plug is connected properly!


85% lower operating costs of full-electric propulsion systems is also a real benefit for the operators. Further, the high-power output means a significant increase in comfort levels! No noise, no vibration, no emission! Just efficient operation!


ZEETUG® has powerful batteries which charge with electricity that provides sufficient energy to fulfill her daily operational profile successfully without harming the environment!

We have designed ZEETUG® with the best available technology, our solid solution partner for batteries is CORVUS ENERGY.

With the aid of the modular system, ZEETUG® has integrated electrical propulsion system available to be tailored to the clients specific operational profile (from 5T BP to 75T BP).


Smart Tug Energy Management System

Smart Tug Energy Management System is designed and built by NAVTEK NAVAL TECHNOLOGIES INC. with the objective of optimizing the electric power consumption of the electric tugboat and extending its driving range.

By the STEMS software ZEETUG® is a power-efficient electric tugboat, capable of managing its energy and reach on longer distances...

STEMS is a software that directs the operator to feasibly working condition, by analyzing the operation profile and the environment.

STEMS is also a software developed to optimize your charging infrastructure by efficiently monitoring, managing and adjusting the energy consumption.

The software monitors ZEETUG®’s performance via the on-board data acquisition system. It tracks; tug speed, motor speed, power consumption, battery-motor temperature and battery state of charge (SOC), etc. and gives feedbacks in terms of suggested actions to take to the captain.



Quick Charge Station (QCS)

Charging ZEETUG is a simple process! You simply plug ZEETUG® into a charger that is connected to the Quick Charge Station

The Quick Charge Station is designed tailor-made for ZEETUG® by NAVTEK NAVAL TECHNOLOGIES INC. The time it takes to charge a ZEETUG® varies based on the charger you use like other electrical devices. We adjust the technical characteristics of ZEETUG® according to the existing operation profile and needs/requires of our clients.

Safety first! ISU is designed to not starting up before the charging plug is connected properly!



Quick Charge Station can charge a ZEETUG-30 in less than 1 hour.

1,25 MVA

It supplies 2 ISU (IGBT supply unit) with 500 V Ac voltage provided from 1,25 MVA transformer.

500 KW

By charging this AC voltage coming from the IGBT supply units, DC 780 V is converted to the charging stations 2 output line cables and 500 KW nominal charging power is taken from the charging line.


The Quick Charge Station delivers the energy rapidly, the STEMS software automatically alerts you when the charging is completed! Charging above 80% is not typically necessary.



Our Solution Partners

We work with selected partners worldwide. This position us to tailor our comprehensive offerings in digitalization as well as in automation and in drive technology to optimally meet our clients’ needs!

Electrical System Integrator
Battery Supplier
Drive System Supplier

OVER-THE-AIR-UPDATES: Over-the-air updates helps to solve the problems remotely. The remote diagnostics and the support of service reduce your need to visit a shipyard. In the rare cases that ZEETUG requires a shipyard visit, the service will be quick and seamless.


Tugs that Virtually Identıfy and Resolve Problems Themselves 


The systems are continuously connected to our headquarter, allowing our technicians and engineers to work together to identify and resolve issues in real-time. Within hours, we are skilled up to perform updates across our entire client fleet. ZEETUG is also developed to self-improve.


Actively Serving Zeetug's

GisasPower (ZEETUG-30) has recently been delivered to Gisas Shipbuilding Industry Inc. She has performed excellent operations! Thus, Gisas Shipbuilding Industry Inc. has ordered 3 more ZEETUG’s. The constructions will commence in 2020.

About Customer

GISAS Shipbuilding Industry Inc.; established in 1995 with the participation of shipyards and sub-industry organizations operating in Turkey’s Tuzla Shipyards Region, is the first operator to take 100% clean powered all electric and re-chargeable GİSAS POWER (ZEETUG-30) into service!

Product Owned

ZEETUG 30 * 4

Operatıon Area

Istanbul Tuzla Bay

The Tug Operator Company GISAS in Istanbul Tuzla Bay



Our Facility

Our Office: Navtek is not only a naval design and engineering company but a science firm with innovative R&D activities. Navtek’s office is located at ‘Teknopark Istanbul’.

Teknopark’s; whose main purpose is to increase the wealth of the society by supporting the culture of innovation of knowledge-based companies. It manages and promotes the flow of information and technology among universities, R&D institutions, companies, etc... Teknopark’s, facilitate the formation and growth of innovative companies they host and provide high-quality spaces and value-added services to only selected companies and institutions with innovative R&D activities.


Our Team:

Companies are only as good as their employees. The architects of our intellectual capital are our distinguished employees. We are proud of our team working meticulously for our designs that require extremely demanding programs and engineering. As Navtek, we have completed many unique projects for our valued clients since 1977.














A Subsidiary of


Our extensive know-how is based on our experience, since 1977…


We have a proud history of more than 40 years in service and are among the highest reputable companies in Turkish shipbuilding.


Navtek focus on delivering innovative and unique designs and engineering solutions with the best available technologies and know-how.


Navtek priority is to realize its ambitious goals and strategies for continued growth and development with new products in existing and new market segments.




We are delighted to announce that Navtek Naval Technologies INC. has signed 3 more ZEETUG®'s with GISAS Shipbuilding Industry INC.

Navtek has recently delivered the world's first all-electric and re-chargeable tugboat to GISAS Shipbuilding Industry INC. ZEETUG®-30 has performed excellent operations, thus 3 more orders are signed and the construction will commence in 2020.

With more than 40 years of experience, knowledge and innovation Navtek Naval Technologies INC. has developed ZEETUG® for a greener future!
All electric, re-chargeable and battery powered ZEETUG® can be custom built for any kind of operational needs from 5T BP up to 75T BP.

ZEETUG® is a product of the Green and High-Tech initiative and is capable to deliver a superior performance to the operators!

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