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Asia Clean Energy Forum 2022

NAVTEK delivered a ground-breaking talk on de-carbonisation of ports and maritime transport during the Asia Clean Energy Forum 2022.

Deep Dive Workshop: The Future of Ocean Energy and Hydrogen - Just Transition to a Safer World

This session explored examples and concepts of the Just Transition, while marine resources and biodiversity are protected. A presentation on the Orion Clean Energy Project provided a glimpse of how Shetland’s oil and gas sectors are transitioning to become net-zero exporters of green hydrogen. An example from NAVTEK Naval Technologies highlighted NAVTEK’s ZEETUG, a zero-emission tugboat fully operated by batteries and futuristic zero emission ZEEPORT project. The session also included a panel discussion that delved into the challenges and enablers associated with these technologies. Takeaways from the discussion included: (a) the importance of community consultation as seen in the example of the Orion Project; (b) key features of blue economic development that are regenerative, economical, and (mindful of) natural environment and people; (c) the need to address the lack of environmental baseline data in marine projects to ensure that the marine ecosystems are protected; (d) the need for international collaboration and coordination for the just transition; and (e) the importance of creating linkages, plans, and integrating elements of the economy and ecosystem to make a living planet.


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