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ZEETUG will be setting the standard for future harbour tugs!

We are proud to announce that we have recently delivered the world's first all-electric and re-chargeable tugboat to GISAS Shipbuilding Industry Inc. ZEETUG® has performed excellent operations, thus 3 more orders are signed, with construction starting in 2020.

Using more than 40 years of experience, knowledge and innovation we have developed ZEETUG® for a greener future!

ZEETUG®-30 is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 210 tons and NOX emissions by 9 tons a year. This emission reduction is equivalent to saving about 580 trees according to carbon meter calculations!

ZEETUG® is a product of the Green and High-Tech initiative and is capable of delivering superior performance for operators. All electric and re-chargeable battery powered ZEETUGs can be custom built for any kind of operational needs, from 5 tons to 75 tons BP.


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