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New look for ZEETUG zero emissions electric tugboat

Exclusive: Turkey’s Navtek Naval Technologies has released the new look for the Zeetug zero emissions all-electic tugboat, following delivery of what was the world’s first such tugboat late last year, and the announcement of an order for further vessels.

Navtek delivered the first tugboat, Gisas Power, to Gisas Shipbuilding Industry Inc. The vessel, with a 32 ton bollard pull (BP), is a joint R&D project of Navtek and operator Gisas. The latter became the first operator to add a zero emission tugboat to its fleet and operate it. It is being used around the Port of Tuzla, south-east of Istanbul.

Navtek signed an order for three more Zeetugs with Gisas – two further Zeetug-30s and a Zeetug-45.

The new look follows the initial focus for Navtek on the first delivery. “In the very start we were very focused on the technology,” Business Development Manager Cansu Tuncer told Sustainable Boat News, adding: “After the successful prototype Zeetug delivery, we have renewed the exterior look of Zeetug.”

One-hour charge

The Zeetug-30 features two 925kW propulsion motors. Power is provided by two Corvus Energy lithium-ion battery packs, each reported as 1450kW. Speed at the design draught is 10 knots. According to Navtek, the Zeetug-30 is therefore expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 210 tons a year, and NOX emissions by nine tons.

Charging is by a Quick Charge Station tailor-made by Navtek. This can charge a Zeetug-30 in less than one hour.

Zeetug also features the Smart Tug Energy Management System, designed and built by Navtek to optimise the power consumption of the electric tugboat and extending its driving range. According to Navtek, the software tracks tug speed, motor speed, power consumption, battery-motor temperature, and battery state of charge (SOC), among other things, and gives feedback in terms of suggested actions for the captain to take.

Navtek adds that Zeetug can be custom-built to provide from 5 ton BP up to 75 ton BP.

In a comment released after starting operating Gisas Power, Gisas stated: “We are proud to be worldwide pioneer of this important project, that will shape maritime industry within the scope of decarbonization and will increase environmental awareness.”




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